Monday, July 20, 2009

Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox

I strongly recommend this book.

What should come next is my argument in support of the advice: what's great about this book? That's a tougher assignment than I'd expected. It isn't the best written book, nor most captivating page by page -- but as a whole, it just works.

Fox seems charismatic, humble; clearly a sweet guy. He has a mission and a passion for it (use stem cells to aggressively treat diseases, from Parkinson's to spinal cord injury to juvenile diabetes).

I like this quote a lot, after pointing out that people against stem cell research often identify themselves as pro-life: "... explain to those of us with debilitating diseases -- indeed, to all of us -- why it is more pro-life to throw away stem cells than to put them to work savings lives."

Pretty short at 276 pages and a fast read, I suggest you read this book.