Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Present, by Spencer Johnson

Perhaps because I'm both experienced (hmm, is that a euphemism for old?) and by nature cynical, I tend to cast a doubtful eye on business books told in parable form -- as this one is.   But, because it was a gift from someone I respect, I read it.

The good news, and bad, is the simplicity of the message:   live in the present, learn from your past (but don't dwell on it), prepare for your future (but don't obsess over it).   Well, it sounds better in the book.

If you can get past the style of presentation and the simplicity of the message, it is actually quite good advice.

I couldn't help but draw a parallel to one of Buddhism's eightfold paths to full actualization:  right mindfulness, or attentiveness to the present.

Bottom line:  I would carefully recommend this book.  Carefully meaning not to cynics (and they wouldn't read it anyway) but certainly to folks starting out in their careers.

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