Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Abbey, by Chris Culver

If you like the detective story / mystery / suspense genre then you should buy this book.   There's no reason not to, it is just 99 cents on Kindle.   And you can read Kindle books with free software on virtually any device, your PC or Mac, so there's no obstacle.

Why do I say this?   First of all, it is mind-boggling to me to see a first rate novel sell for this price, considering the crazy price point of other, more well known authors get even in Kindle format for books that are as good, or often not as good.

Here's what makes Mr. Culver's novel interesting:  good plot line that keeps you interested, excellent character development, and a very interesting hero who is an every-man.  Hardly a hero type.  Not particularly flawed, just as much as anyone else.  Well, perhaps he drinks too much, especially for a practicing Muslim.

As a loss-leader approach it is successful -- I'm eager to read Mr. Culver's next novel even if it was at a more typical (i.e., way higher) price point.

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