Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zombie, Ohio, by Scott Kenemore

First off, it is difficult to believe that I'm more than mid-way through February and this is the first book I've completed in 2012. Yikes! I'll chalk this up to a move and a seemingly infinite set of "old-house get ready to sell" and "new-house get ready to live in" chores. Still...

Now to Mr. Kenemore's book. This is not your typical zombie novel; it is intelligent and interesting. One novel twist: the narrator is a zombie, albeit an atypical one. This differentiates the book and gives it a winning edge. I recommend it as an interesting novel, so even if you don't like zombie movies or texts, you may well like this.

As an aside, if you enjoyed Justin Cronin's "The Passage," then you'll probably like "Zombie, Ohio."  Mr. Kenemore's book isn't as high on my list, but it is similarly a pleasant and enjoyable deviation from the genre.

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