Saturday, December 29, 2012

Callie's Last Dance, by John Locke

This is such a trashy novel that it is almost embarrassing to admit that I read it to the end.   Mr. Locke apparently turns out low end action / assassin fiction by the bucket full, self publishing on Kindle.   Folks like me buy one of his books when the price drops to 99 cents figuring, "hey, why not?"

Here's why not:  it is unrealistic, there is choppy plot progression, it is written as a serial in that if you haven't read the prior work you may not have context for the current work, and because even within the book there are unresolved plot lines that are clearly set ups for more books.

Having said that, it isn't that Mr. Locke's writing is terrible.  And unrealistic plots are hardly a surprise in this genre.   It just feels ... well like whatever the opposite of literature is.

So I really don't recommend it.  But if you want to read this, I believe the best way is to find all of Mr. Locke's books in a theme (e.g., this theme is about an implausible assassin named Donovan and his colleague Callie), buy them all, and read them as though they were a single work.   The book reads so quickly that it would hardly be a chore.   It isn't clear to me how many volumes comprise the whole, but probably it would add up to the price of a single paperback book.

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