Monday, January 28, 2013

The Devil's Waters, by David L. Robbins

This is the first volume in what the author signals to be a series.   The context is an Air Force rescue unit (called PJs) who swoop into dangerous situations to rescue servicemen and occasionally civilians.  The hero of the story is LB DiNardo.

Here, Mr. Robbins' may have gotten the market research dead on correct, but it is also where the story annoyed me:  his hero has the genre -traditional anti establishment (even working within the establishment) chip on his shoulder.   So the hero doesn't play well with others, doesn't follow orders well, and yet of course saves the day.

On plot line and overall writing, the book is fine.  On the specific character development of what I found to be an unlikeable bloke, I'm less impressed.   But since it fits the genre's model, I'm sure it will be well received.

For me, not so much though; I was just mildly irritated.

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