Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feed, by Mira Grant

There are a lot of novels about a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies.  This is the best one I've read.

The concept is this:  many years after the appearance of zombies, the world has adapted to the dangers they present, and folks just deal with it; life goes on.   Meanwhile, mainstream journalism is recognized for being slanted and tainted by propaganda (which, by the way, it already is in our non-fiction real world, thanks to folks like Rupert Murdoch and probably his equivalents on the other side of the aisle). So bloggers have become mainstream reporters.

The novel follows the siblings Georgina and Shaun as they join a presidential campaign as fully accredited press, and the things they learn.  It isn't even really a "zombie book" so much as a great novel that happens to take place in a world with zombies.

Highly recommended, and I'm eager to read the sequel .

Feed (The Newsflesh Trilogy)

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