Friday, December 5, 2014

The Fire Seekers, by Richard Farr

This book made me imagine it that it was really a pitch for a television series.  The hero is Daniel, the teenage offspring of a business genius billionaire mother and academic polyglot father.  Because he's home schooled after his mother sells her business, Mr. Farr gets to assign a seemingly infinite number of skills to our hero: he flies, climbs, dives, does martial arts, cooks -- pretty much whatever the plot line calls for at any given moment.  Just like McGyver, except that Daniel's Swiss Army pocket knife is a skill pulled out of thin air.

The general plot line is about "babblers" -- people whose ability to learn new languages is off the chart.  And a growing cult, of course, the "Seraphim."  There's not much character development other than about Daniel, and even though the book was relatively interesting, the ending was quite weak.

This is the first in a trilogy, but I won't read the next volumes unless they end up free on Amazon Kindle -- in which case I'll save them for a waiting room or airplane read.

The Fire Seekers (The Babel Trilogy Book 1)

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