Friday, January 23, 2015

The Last Colony, by John Scalzi

Wow.  In this, the last of the "Old Man's War" trilogy, Mr. Scalzi has accomplished something unusual: he's written three outstandingly enjoyable novels, and this last one is even better than the others.

No, it isn't like me to gush, but I really liked this book.

This novel features the heroes of volumes one and two as a couple: John Perry and Jane Sagan. No longer soldiers, they end up leading the colonization of a new planet along with their adopted daughter, Zoë. Unfortunately, the Colonial Union doesn't explain all of their plans to our heroes, and problems occur. Sagan and Perry are unamused, and take things into their own hands with huge impact.

This novel is lower on military action than the first in the series, instead focusing on the political intrigue and issues around colonization and inter-species cooperation. The writing is stellar and the interest level is kept high throughout.

The Last Colony

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