Sunday, May 31, 2015

Collapse, by Richard Stephenson

This novel takes place in the near future, 2027. There's been a terrible economic depression and an ISIS -like middle eastern force is trying to take over the world, beginning with Europe. The weather has run amok with extraordinary storms on the coast, and terrorists are spread across the nation.

Meanwhile, our heroes have their own problems. Beck is the world's richest man, has Asperger's, and pests in his mansion. Dupree is a former Navy Seal running from the law. Harris is a drug addicted police chief.

By the end of the book, these folks are teaming up to save the nation from a crummy political situation at home.

I mostly liked this book. The story's interesting, the characters pretty well developed. Expect for Harris' love affair which just feels wrong, totally contrived and unnecessary.

If I can pick up the next volume at a discount price on Kindle, I'm apt to read it.

Collapse (New America-Book One)

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