Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Arena Mode, by Blake Northcott

In 2041 times are tough. Super humans abound (think X-men).  Our hero, Moxon, is smart but under -motivated. He like comic books but does little work. He learns that he has a probably fatal brain tumor; it could be treated but at a price Moxon can't afford. Meanwhile, billionaire Frost hosts a new reality TV show: think Hunger Games with 13 super humans in the streets of New York. With a huge, $10B grand prize.

Moxon enters, figuring that even second or third place would give him enough money to pay for the potentially life saving operation. He lacks a super power, but fakes it, with help from his buddies Gavin and Peyton.

That's about it for the summary, to avoid more spoilers.

This novel feels like so many others, but still doesn't come across and annoyingly derivative, and is interesting in its own way. It is labeled "book 1" and I'll probably read the sequel.

Arena Mode (The Arena Mode Saga Book 1)

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