Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Unforgivable Fix, by TE Woods

This is a complicated book; perhaps it would have been less so had I read the prior novels featuring the main characters. Lydia is our hero, a therapist who is also the undercover serial killer (but only in the name of justice apparently) nicknamed The Fixer.

Mort is a local police detective and Lydia's buddy. And he knows her secret.

Allie is an unlikeable young woman who is the escort of a drug kingpin. She leaves him and needs to go into hiding, so her dad (Mort) gets Lydia to take her in.

Then things go downhill.

It isn't that the book is bad so much that the people in it are so miserable.

I'm not motivated to read the two prior books in this series nor will I read any that follow.

The Unforgivable Fix: A Justice Novel (The Justice Series Book 3)

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