Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Make Me, by Lee Child

This is the 20th book of Mr. Child's featuring hero Jack Reacher.  I admit to mixed emotions when I started it: on the one hand I was pleased that the library notified me that it was my turn to read (I'd forgotten about having requested it quite a while ago). On the other hand, I was unsure I wanted to bother, since the story was going to be predictable (the standard Jack Reacher formula).

I did read the book, and after only a chapter or two I was pleased that I did. Reacher's age seemed less an issue in this book. The rest of the distinctive characteristics of Mr. Child's novels were present. Reacher still isn't much for inter-personal relationships. Press journalists seem to have extravagant budgets. There are no consequences for murdering bad guys. But hey, that's part of what you get when you read this sort of story.

Summary: a small town in Oklahoma called "Mother's Rest;" Reacher gets off a train to explore it just because he's curious about the story behind the name. He meets a woman who sweeps him up into her situation just because Reacher is bored.

Then there's quite a bit of expensive travel. Some magic around the dark web is exposed by a conveniently cooperative geek. The reporter with a seemingly unlimited budget gets involved. Bad guys are killed off by the bucket load.

Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel

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