Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disturb, by JA Konrath

Oh yuck. There, that sums up this novel. The concept: a pill which obviates the need for sleep, and enhances performance too. Billions to be made. So it has some nasty side effects: bribing or intimidating a single FDA investigator will fix that, right? Because it takes only a single subject to form an appropriate test set for a major new drug release, and there are no data involved, just the voice of a single investigator.

Oh, and it isn't a spoiler to say that the dialog between the test subject and his brother is a case of multiple personality, because it was too obvious to be in doubt.

Sadly, I overpaid at $2.99 -- probably could have gotten a supermarket tabloid and learned all about Charlie Sheen's antics of the day for the same price.

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