Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reading Michael Chabon, by Helene Meyers

When I heard Professor Meyers speak at a Southwestern University event some time ago, I was immediately impressed by her obvious intelligence, wit and energy. So when I recently saw that she'd written this book -- which I'd otherwise not heard of -- I felt compelled to read it.

And happy I did! This is a genre I'd not previously encountered: the "pop lit book club." The idea is to help book club readers (and students) keep track of the plot lines and characters of specific novelists, and provide a connecting fabric to associated commentary, other works, and reviews. Neat idea.

And Professor Myers does a fine job of it.

It helps, I suppose, that I'm already a huge fan of Mr Chabon. If you've not yet read his work, I'd start with my personal favorite, Gentlemen of the Road.

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