Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Breach, by Patrick Lee

One of the very cool things about the Amazon Kindle is the ability to download free samples; a few chapters of a book so that one can get a feel for if it is something enjoyable, or not one's cup of tea.   I went through about four such samples before reading this one.   It was intriguing enough to get me to buy.

The hero is Travis Chase, an ex-con who is also an ex-cop, who stumbles upon a crisis.  There's the requisite love interest in Paige Campbell, but don't get me wrong, it is done well and not trite at all.

I had some confusion processing the flashbacks that explain (or attempt to explain) Chase's past.   But other than that, this is a well written thriller.

Warning:  it has elements of science fiction as well, but it is not what I'd broadly classify as a sci-fi novel (although I guess I'll apply that tag to this blog entry just for completeness).

The novel felt as though it went by too quickly, and I didn't feel I needed to read the sequel's free sample before just buying it.

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