Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today we are rich, by Tim Sanders

This is a simply outstanding guide to positive thinking and success -oriented behavior.    Mr Sanders achieves this outcome without (very much) preaching.

The book asserts seven principles:

  1. Feed your mind good stuff.   In other words, avoid negativity, from both others as well as yourself.
  2. Move the conversation forward.   This is a notion of being constructive.
  3. Exercise your gratitude muscle.   Now here's where a cynical "titan of Wall Street" sort of reader might risk getting put off, but Mr Sanders handles this well, and builds a reasonable argument.
  4. Give to be rich.   Okay, another risky chapter for the hard boiled, film noir, Gordon Gekko -type reader, but bear with me.
  5. Prepare yourself.  In other words, do your homework so as to be effective.
  6. Balance your confidence.  I found this among the weakest chapters; the message is to believe in yourself and others, and mix up activities and interests.   This chapter also has the largest component of religious messaging.   I don't believe you'd miss much by skipping or skimming this part of the book, but it might be really resonant for some readers.
  7. Promise made, promise kept.  Do what you say you'll do.

If you've read in this genre before, you probably can guess at some of the additional reading that Mr Sanders recommends:

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