Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hit List, by Laurell K. Hamilton

I've read other of Ms. Hamilton's series about a vampire killer with a variety of para-normal abilities and a strange lifestyle.   I confess this with some trepidation:  hardly literature.    This most recent of Ms. Hamilton's novels in the "Anita Blake" series does little to improve my reputation, nor hers.

So the plot:  bad guy super special creatures are killing folks.  But really just to get the hero's attention so that the big bad vampire lady can kidnap her and take over her body.   Which she (spoiler alert!) ...

... fails to do at the end.   Although it is a bit unclear, since the ending is so choppy and abrupt that it almost makes the material prior to it well thought out and clear.   Oh, which it isn't.

Bottom line:  pretty poor entry in what was at best a marginal series.

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