Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Wanted Man, by Lee Child

I had all the best intentions about chores this afternoon.  But there, on the new releases shelf at the public library this morning, the "Jack Reacher" novel that I'd not yet read.   Well it's never difficult to postpone chores...

I liked this book.   The pace was relaxed (some reviewers think too relaxed), but I enjoyed it.  No complaints:  true to my expectations for Mr. Child's novels.

Surprising, then, the number of negative reviews.   As of this writing, on Amazon's review page there are 2,337 reviews of which 22% are negative.  That seems to me a large number.  With 16% undeclared (three stars), that leaves but 62% positive.   Words used include:  sluggish, running out of steam, and too much like the rest.

Maybe all true, but it did keep my full attention this afternoon.

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