Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cold Days, by Jim Butcher

The sub-title is, "A novel of the Dresden files," which makes this a continuation (the 14th) of Mr. Butcher's series about Chicago -based wizard, Harry Dresden.

When I wrote about Mr. Butcher's earlier book in this series I said I wouldn't bother reading the rest.  But this was on the library shelf just at eye level and I'd forgotten about my earlier comments.

So the good news:  well written, interesting, good plot.  All said with the grain of salt that it is, after all, about a wizard for heaven's sake!  There are weird books and then there's this one; weird with a splash of loony.

The bad news:  for much of the book, the Harry Dresden is a wise cracking, obnoxious and annoying caricature.  You know the type: the hero who has a smart ass comment about everything, especially when it is inappropriate and especially when it will lead to more trouble.   It is this that I dislike about the novel.  Although the character did get a bit better towards the end.

I'm reversing my earlier comment; I will continue to read this series.  And I will continue to think of it as weird and loony.

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