Thursday, May 30, 2013

12th of Never, by James Patterson

This novel is the most recent of Mr. Pattersons' "women's murder club" mysteries.   I'm not a fan, mostly because I find the plots predictable.  But there I was on the (covered) porch on a rainy day, and my spouse put her book down... what was I to do?

There was the usual predictable outcome, but also a surprise twist on the plot.  Multiple plots, actually, mostly unrelated, but they do keep the book moving forward.  And it certainly is a fast read (maybe because it is so shallow?).    I was fairly positive on my review until I thought about a not too subtle thread: Mr. Patterson seems to be sending a message about women in this book: otherwise it would be too much a coincidence that more than one of his female characters displays a striking ability to hide their true feelings, completely reverse their positions, and appear both psycho and evil.   Gosh!  

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