Friday, September 6, 2013

Bad Monkey, by Carl Hiaasen

This is another fabulous, twisted, funny, and outlandish novels by Mr. Hiaasen.   As usual, his target is what Mr. Hiaasen portrays as a reality -based view of South Florida's rampant greed and corruption, and the incompetence and apathy of its civil servants.  So that can be a bit of a downer - just as you're enjoying another bizarre plot twist it might occur to you, "yikes, but this kind of stuff probably really does happen!"   Still, this novel is entertaining enough to keep you focused on the plot, as wacky as it is.

More details:  the hero is Andrew Yancy, once fired by the Miami Police Department, then by the Monroe County Sherif's office, he becomes a restaurant hygiene inspector but as a hobby project decides to solve a mystery.   Which includes a human arm spending a short time in his freezer, a nasty monkey, and a cast of nutty characters typical of Mr. Hiaasen's writing.

Bad Monkey

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