Thursday, October 10, 2013

Damned, by Chuck Palahniuk

This novel serves as a reminder to me that just because a book shows up on a recommended list, it doesn't mean I should read it.   And since I typically finish a book I start even when I'm not crazy about it, I could save myself quite a bit of time if I learned to be choosier.

With that as an introduction, you'll imagine I didn't like Mr. Palahniuk's novel.  That's almost the case: I didn't like many aspects of it, but it was inventive and interesting enough to keep me going to the end.

The book is narrated by its hero, Madison, the recently deceased thirteen year old daughter of a billionaire couple who finds herself in hell.  Madison chronicles her adventures and her job -- yes a job; she does unsolicited telephone calls to people as their about to eat dinner, targeting in particular those who have signed up for the no-call list.

The ending is kind of pfffft though...


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