Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deadline (The Newsflesh Trilogy), by Mira Grant

In this sequel to "Feed," Ms. Grant has done two unusual things:  she made a second volume nearly as good as the first, and she changed the voice of the novel from (mostly) Georgia to (mostly) her brother Shaun - and pulled off the difference in tone brilliantly.

To get you up to speed, "Feed"was a post apocalyptic zombie novel that had people going about their lives just fine, albeit with some modifications to keep the nasty creatures at bay.  But there were cities and highways and jobs.  I point this out just to differentiate it from the scorched earth school of zombie books.   And it was less about zombies than it was a book with zombies in it.   Our narrator was Georgina, a journalist who worked with her brother Shaun.

In this sequel Shaun takes over as narrator as the story continues to look at why after so many years of well funded government -run research, zombie outbreaks have not abated.   This is a bit more of a zombie book than its predecessor, but it is more a story about people and how they address their situation.

I recommend it, and look forward to reading volume three.

Deadline (The Newsflesh Trilogy)

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