Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lifelong Running, by Ruth Heidrich

I met Dr. Heidrich earlier this year in Hawaii; her energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  So I was eager to read her most recent book.   The target audience for this easy to read book is an older person - only in that she's clearly not writing for high school or college age folks, although the information would be just as applicable.   Dr. Heidrich is trying to build enough interest in exercise that even the most sedentary of us might climb off the sofa and take a walk outside; she expects that to become a run and a habit.

If you've thought you should get some exercise but had a bunch of good excuses to not go running, this book will help you break through the myths and get yourself going. It is a fast, informative and fun read.

Lifelong Running: Overcome the 11 Myths About Running and Live a Healthier Life

By the way, this is her baseball card. Yes, some people carry business cards, but Ruth Heidrich gives out baseball cards instead!

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