Sunday, April 27, 2014

Parasite, by Mira Grant

The premise of this inventive novel is that a genetically engineered parasite - think tapeworm - is designed to be implanted in humans in order to prevent most illnesses.  With enormous upside and apparently no downside, nearly everybody has one.  Medicine as we know it changes completely because most chronic diseases are eliminated.  But when the parasites decide that it is time for them to stand up and be counted, things get dicey.

The novel centers around protagonist Sal, who recovered from a devastating auto crash due to being an early implant subject.  The side effect for her was that she lost all memory of her prior life.  She becomes the center of things -- but I won't say more to avoid spoilers.

Except for one:  in spite of its considerable length (502 pages), the book ends with "to be continued..."

Parasite (Parasitology)

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