Friday, April 25, 2014

The Return, by Michael Gruber

I quite enjoy Mr. Gruber's novels, particularly The Good Son and Tropic of Night, and his others as well. This book is quite different from all of those.  It is more casually violent, it is more action hero and less complex, textured, or nuanced.  If his other books are literature, this one is a thriller.   That's not to say it is a bad read - quite the opposite.  And it has a sense of humor about it - it isn't particularly funny, but it is a light and bouncy read.  In spite of all that casual violence.  But if you come to this looking for more of what you've read before from Mr. Gruber, brace yourself.

Gosh, that intro makes is seem as though I am not a big fan of this particular novel.  But I am. It was excellent.

The hero is Rick Marder, a New York book editor who made a bit of money and who, having just been diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor, decides to return to his deceased wife's home town in Mexico to enjoy the weather and stir up some action.   Accompanying him is Skelly, an old buddy with Jack Reacher -style skills.  Mayhem ensues.  I give it four out of five stars.

The Return: A Novel

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