Saturday, January 23, 2016

Orphan X, by Gregg Hurwitz

I've been a fan of Lee Childs' "Jack Reacher" character, but after 20 novels, that hero is getting a bit worn out. David Baldacci stepped in to fill the void with his "John Puller" series, and while one could accuse Mr. Baldacci of a blatant rip off of Jack Reacher, his books are pretty good. In "Orphan X," Mr. Hurwitz provides a really interesting character that is far from a clone of Reacher or Puller but fits in the same genre. Our hero, Evan Smoak, similarly helps out people who are in trouble. But he's definitely his own character.

The back story on Smoak is his having been recruited as a child to be trained to become a government assassin. He left that role when his orders began to confound him, and having stashed away plenty of money, is able to make helping others a full time hobby.

The plot was interesting, the character development solid in general and very good in terms of setting up Smoak as a hero one will want to follow through future novels.

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