Saturday, July 9, 2011

Building Fences + Gates, by Richard Freudenberger

Unfortunately the content of Mr Freudenberger's book matches neither his title nor sub-title:  "how to design and build them from the ground up."   Instead it is a near -coffee table book about fences.   Most of the content and photos are lovely in this context.

As an example of the un-evenness of the text, there were six pages of photos and detailed explanation (in 30 discrete steps) for setting up a basic wood fence.  In contrast, building a wire fence got a very cryptic half page, no illustrations and not a single enumerated step.

So all in all, a pretty book, but just barely a D+ grade.    By the way, it is so much the opposite of George Martin's book on fences that it is worth looking at them next to each other.

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