Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Debunkery, by Ken Fisher

I was sent a free copy of Mr Fisher's book by his eponymous investment firm which is seeking my business.   It isn't a book I'd have otherwise sought out; rather it is Bevelin on my wish list.    But, here I am, a free book in my hands, but still not all that excited about it.   Then at a July 4th party a friend told me he has been an enthused client of Fisher Investments for years.   That energy overcame my inertia so I read the book.

Bottom line:  not bad.   Mr Fisher takes 50 "money killing myths" of investing and debunks them.  Most are common sense obvious or reasonable, some are filled with the optimism of capitalism (Mr Fisher is, after all, a billionaire), and his comments (negative) on annuities no doubt annoy many life insurance sales people.

Oh, by the way, I mentioned the firm is seeking my business.   Not going to happen.   No offense to anyone there, it is just that an investment advisory firm that spends such a huge amount on marketing immediately turns me off.   I confess it as an emotional reaction, but I figure the energy put into marketing and hype is as likely a cover for a mediocre model as it is a fair and appropriate means to grow the business.   So color me cynical.   I did appreciate the free book though.

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