Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, by Barbara Pleasant & Deborah Martin

This is a very nice collection of information about composting and the use of compost in gardens.   But two major flaws mar the text so much as to make it of borderline use.   First the organization, or I should say the confusing and illogical organization.   Information is presented in an order that doesn't make sense with lots of future references by page numbers (the most painful of speed bumps to reading) and key information hidden deep in the book.  

Second, and more serious, is the glaring absence of information about compost bins.   Open sided bins are the default (effective, and inexpensively built from pallets), with some discussion about the downside of rodent access.  But not a word about alternative approaches, from rotating tumblers to indoor techniques.   Which one would reasonably expect to see in a text of this title.

Still and all, it is a great compilation of information, so I'll give it a C+.

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