Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brainrush, by Richard Bard

This novel snuck in to my reading list when I saw it listed in an Amazon Kindle ad email and realized I could borrow it (thanks to Amazon Prime).   A mishap occurs during the hero's MRI.  (His name is Jake Bronson -- and that's a nice hero name; you seldom see heroes named Seymour Birnbaum.  But I digress.)

Prior to the MRI, Jake was dying of a brain tumor.  Post MRI, he has acquired extraordinary powers, as his mind's inherent capabilities have been awakened.   He then does extraordinary things.

The book thus far is fun.   It isn't very deep, but the plot is interesting enough, the character seems decent, and all is well.   Sure, things stretch credibility a bit during a fund raising scheme at a Monaco casino, and with the ability of the hero's buddy to acquire a full team of highly trained and well equipped mercenaries essentially overnight.  But in this kind of fiction, the need to suspend disbelief for plot advancement is practically de rigueur.

Things get a bit dicier when aliens enter the picture.

In spite of that, I do plan to read the next volume in the series.   Maybe through Amazon's Lending Library but not via purchase.


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