Monday, July 15, 2013

The Graphic Canon, by Russ Kick

This first of a three volume set is an anthology of graphic artists' interpretations of literary classics.   It is really wonderful, for multiple reasons.

First, if like me you are not completely at ease with graphic novels, this will serve as a fabulous introduction to the value that integrated graphics can lend to the written word.   When I was a kid we read comic books.  Today's graphic novels are similar, but typically with very high end artistic quality.

Second, it is fun to look at an excerpt of a classic you may have previously read or heard of and see it in the unique light of the graphic artist.  It might remind you to re-read a favorite or to try out something new.

This collection starts with "The Epic of Gilgamesh," said to have been written around 1000 BCE, and ends with "Dangerous Liaisons," written by de Laclos in 1782 and probably better known to Americans for the movie of that title.

I'm eager to read the next volumes.

The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons

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