Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cold Blooded, by Bernard DeLeo

Imagine a television show about an assassin employed by a quasi government agency, whose cover is being the author of a best selling series of novels about an assassin.   As a TV show, it kind of works.  You suspend disbelief because of the entertainment.

Well, that's how to think of this novel.   The hero is Nick McCarty.   The story revolves around his relationship with Rachel Hunter, who sees him in passing in a restaurant and decides to connect with him.  This is so unbelievable as to stand out in a sequence of unbelievable scenes.  But wait, there's more.

Rachel has an (almost) eight year old daughter who speaks like a teenager and posseses sangfroid that most adults lack.  And she has a dog who instantly follows Nick's spoken and unspoken command.

Oh my.

Now in spite of all this, I enjoyed the novel.   But you have to be stuck in a waiting room somewhere with time to kill in order for this one to work.

Cold Blooded

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