Monday, November 4, 2013

Blood Money, by Brian Springer

Hero Greg Kelton is a domestic mercenary, one who will only take cases that map to his moral code.   He's hired to rescue Jessica Robbins, who - in an inexplicable plot stretch - invented an inexpensive and effective AIDS treatment but is being held captive by (corrupt?) government forces who do not want her breakthrough to see production.   The novel covers Jessica's rescue and ultimate delivery to the man who orchestrated her freedom.

This was an interesting book, and a plot twist surprised me.   I don't really understand why so many authors in the suspense / action genre feel it is essential that their heroes fall in love and intend lifetime relationships after but a few hours after meeting the inevitably beautiful and talented victim that the plot sets them up to protect.  But aside from that, this book was pretty good.

Blood Money (A Greg Kelton Thriller)

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