Monday, November 11, 2013

Ep.#1 - "Aurora: CV-01," by Ryk Brown

As an episode of a television series, this is a great book.   As a novel, it is just okay.   The flaws in the novel aren't as bad in the television show:  superficial characters, predictable actions.

I make this comparison because Mr. Brown's series is episodic, from its naming down to the way the series is continued from one episode (novel) to the other.  (Yes, I peaked at the next volume .)  As of today, he's up to nine episodes.

The general idea is this:  We're in the far distant future, where Earth has a unified government which rules in a post apocalyptic time.  There is an alien race which seeks our destruction.  Our hero behaves like an impulsive kid but manages to get through a space academy and become a commissioned officer, about to become a pilot on a spaceship, prepared to save the world from the bad aliens.

The books in this series can be borrowed from the Kindle Lending Library for free if one is an Amazon Prime member; the catch is that you have to wait until the next calendar month to borrow the next book.   At that price, though, it is worth reading.

Ep.#1 - "Aurora: CV-01" (The Frontiers Saga)

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