Monday, November 4, 2013

Steel World, by BV Larson

I seldom read sci-fi, but I would read more of it if it were as interesting as this novel.   Mr. Larson's concept is as follows:   The advanced leaders of the universe notice the probes that we on Earth have been sending into space.  They (the Galactics) stop by and allow the Earth to join their empire (or be destroyed).  The catch is, theirs is a trade -based model.  If the planet doesn't have something of value to trade, its continued existence is without purpose.  It turns out the best contribution our planet can make to a galactic economy is war making:  since we tend to do it all the time anyway, why not export the talent.  So Earth exists to provide mercenary forces to fight on behalf of whatever planet chooses to hire us.

Fast forward to where the hero comes in: James McGill.   A slacker college dropout, he signs up with the mercenary force Varus.  This novel chronicles the adventures of his first military campaign, in the invasion of Cancri-9, aka Steel World.

If there's a sequel, I'm in.

Steel World

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