Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crack-up, by Eric Christopherson

I tag my posts: biography, mystery, etc. One of my least often used tags is "unread." It means that the book was so excruciatingly awful that I just couldn't bear to finish it.

It is novels like this one that justify the tag.

But the fault is not only Mr Christopherson's. I am guilty of greed: the appeal of a 99 cent Kindle download was my undoing. I downloaded several of these in a fit of bargain hunting, but never again.

As for this book: horrible writing. Irritating plot. I stole a peek at the last page just out of curiosity, and saw that even the resolution was annoying.

Save yourself: if you see this author's books, even at a yard sale, run for the hills.

Now in fairness, a word in Mr Chrisopherson's favor:   as of this writing, a full 90% of the reviews for this novel on Amazon are positive -- either four or five star.   So full disclosure drives me to point out that I may just be the bizarre outlier on the curve and that the typical reader would actually love his writing.

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Eric Christopherson said...

How many times do I have to apologize for running over your dog, Carl? Get over it.