Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life, by Keith Richards

I'm not a big fan of autobiographies in general and this one was okay at best. But I realize why the reviews are so positive and why my reaction is so modulated: I simply don't qualify to truly enjoy this book. I lack all of the three attributes of a very enthusiastic reviewer:

1. I am not a true Stones fan; I don't recognize album names, don't really know the other band members, and I'm not all that interested either.

2. I am not a guitar player; I have no clue what it means to tune a guitar in open G, 3- string. Oh, I'd like to understand this better, but suspect it may take years of study to get there.

3. I am not an illicit drugs expert; I never even heard of tuinal before reading this book.

I'm sure that if you qualify on any of these topics, you'll enjoy Mr Richards' autobiography far more than I.

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