Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wet Desert, by Gary Hansen

As posted previously, in my excitement to download inexpensive Kindle novels, I picked up more than one horrible, unreadable novel.   This is one of those failures.

Lest you, dear reader, wonder "why wasn't Carl at least bright enough to check out the reviews first," let me point out that as of this writing, Mr Hansen's unreadable book has 158 four or five star reviews on Amazon, and only 14 at three stars or fewer.  Only nine reviews were the lowest rating of one star.

The phrases used in those nine low reviews are dead-on:  "the characters were wooden and shallow," "dialogue is uninspiring," "Very plodding sentence construction," "the main story and side stories never come together."

Sigh.  What's a reader to do?  Go with the majority reviewers (who in this case prove themselves to have either far lower standards than I)?  If I do that, I will sometimes end up with a book like this one, and have to count the moments until I can reasonably stop the pain, just tag the book as unreadable and move on.

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