Monday, June 13, 2011

Anarchist's Tool Chest, by Chris Schwarz

This is a must read book for anyone who is at all interested in woodworking.  Not because it describes how to build anything particularly exciting (except for a hand built wooden tool chest that I suspect few with bother with).   But rather because Mr Schwarz has a mission:   to evangelize hand wood working, to assure a vibrant community of folks who know how to build furniture really well.   And, I suppose he'd say, to combat the mentality that poorly built furniture which won't last very long is a pox on society:  it is a reflection of a disposable age which gets further and further from the grounding of well built, craftsman -like goods.

Don't take me the wrong way:  this is hardly a polemic.   It is well written, amusing, and informative.    Even if you don't plan to hand plane a rough board into flatness -- or even if you don't plan to even ever pick up a piece of wood -- this is a worthwhile read.

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