Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Joy of Not Working, by Ernie Zelinski

This is one of the strangest books I've read.   Mr Zelinski's thesis is that work (i.e., working for "the man," big business, in a cubicle, using a Blackberry to read mail when you should be playing after office hours) is a plague that causes depression, misery and shortens life.  

His antidote?   Well that's what makes the book so strange:  it is a mix of "just quit!" and "find your own path to self employment that is somehow more satisfying."

His examples are just weird.  For example, Mr Zelinski cites the office worker who quit his job to become a busker at Toronto street corner and who is now so very happy.   I guess there was no notion of health insurance (well, it is in Canada).

There are good take aways from this book.   Don't confuse your work life tradeoffs by skewing to all work, no hobbies, no relationships, no fun.   That seems sensible to me.    But practical information?  I don't see it.

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