Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jesus on Death Row: The Trial of Jesus and American Capital Punishment, by Mark Osler

Here's something I don't often say:  read this book.

Prof Osler compares the story of Jesus' last days -- his prosecution, arrest, trial, condemnation and execution -- to the modern day American justice system and in particular to the practice of executions.

If you are a Christian then this short book should certainly resonate with you even as it may well challenge your views on the death penalty.

If you aren't a Christian you'll still find this incredibly interesting, and still wonder about the use of the death penalty.   Many death penalty supporters describe themselves as Christians and this book might make you wonder why that is.

One complaint about the book:  it suffers considerable redundancy.   This didn't bother me so much as to affect my bottom line recommendation but it is noticeable.

By the way:  Prof Osler authors a very entertaining blog; it is also worth a look.

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