Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell

I'm of two minds in critiquing this book:  it is extremely interesting and introduces a powerful topic in a clear and well written fashion.   But it also feels as though it is a collection of say three or four magazine articles, and I'd probably have gotten 85% of the value by reading just one of those articles.

Yet, if the tradeoff for you, dear reader, is to read this or miss out on the information, then by all means read it.    It is a fast book, and held my interest on almost every page.

Oh, so what's the key message:   much like the key message of Galvin De Becker's "Gift of Fear,"  Mr. Gladwell points out the importance of immediate, gut feel impressions.   Importantly, Mr. Gladwell explains why this is so.

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