Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Devil's Gate, by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown

I'm not a fan of Mr. Cussler's writing:  to me it is like a low budget TV movie.   You can predict so much of it.   There will be a steely jawed hero who achieves seemingly impossible exploits in spite of circumstance or injury.   There will be a brilliant and beautiful female scientist and / or spy for another nation.   A romantically involved pair of characters will be stressed by the potential loss of one or both of them.   There will be a nearly indestructible head bad guy with some sort of odd weapons fetish.   A senior level government bureaucrat will risk mission failure and the lives of many because of an inappropriately intense political or personal ambition.

Well there you go.   So why did I read this novel?   The last time I tried one of Mr. Cussler's books was July of 2008.   Two Sunday's ago I met someone who mentioned in passing his like of Mr. Cussler's books.  So when I saw this title on the rack at the public library, I thought, "why not?"

There are good reasons why not.   But the good news is, a library read is a free read.   And the time spent wasn't entirely wasted because, even though I'm not a fan and the writing is formulaic, there was a notion of dramatic tension and the plot did advance.

Do I recommend this?   Since I am guilty of enjoying predictable and formulaic novels myself, how can I throw (too many) stones?   It is a fast read, and marginally entertaining.

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