Monday, June 11, 2012

The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, by Harvey Ussery

This is a useful complement to the excellent book on this topic by Gail Damerow.  Mr. Ussery's book emphasizes poultry as part of a homestead eco-system.  As such, there's lots about using birds to aid in composting, how to minimize store bought feed (either through fielding the poultry or making your own feed).   There is also a very detailed guide to plucking and cleaning a meat chicken complete with step by step photographs.   (Yes, some of you might prefer to skip that chapter.)

All in all this is a useful book, and one to keep on the reference shelf.  My only criticism is that Mr. Ussery doesn't seem to appreciate that folks might live in warmer climates than he.   There's lots of talk about winter weather and keeping chickens warm enough, but far too little about summer weather and keeping poultry cool for folks who live in hot southern climates.

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