Friday, August 1, 2014

Dancing Bear, by Oren Sanderson

This novel was surprisingly good; the cover image doesn't do it justice at all.  The story is told from the point of view of David, a security guard at the Israeli Consulate in Boston.   David's an odd duck to begin with: he has a law degree and works in a position that doesn't take advantage of his education.  He seems misplaced in the world.

One day a woman comes in asking to see the consul.   She claims knowledge of a spy ring.  The consul refuses to see her, is eager to be rid of her.   David is smitten with her, and gets involved with her as they leave the office together.

At this point, things get complicated.  No spoilers here, but the ending is super.

The writing is a hair close to awkward; difficult to tell if it is author insuring David's voice is clear or too strict guidance from a writing class.  But it doesn't get in the way of character development and a complex, interesting plot.

Worth reading for sure; seems to be available only on Kindle.

Dancing Bear: Espionage & Conspiracy Thriller (Political Suspense and Mystery Book 1)

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