Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Lance, by Alex Lukeman

After reading volume seven of Mr. Lukeman's series about a small US spy organization called the Project, I decided to read more of his books.   I'm not sure why I started with number two, this one, but I'll get to the first volume eventually.

This isn't literature; it is fast moving adventure / spy writing.  Forget credibility and artistic turns of phrase.  But you do get a well paced plot and just enough character development to keep it interesting.

The main character is super spy Nick Carter.  His boss is Elizabeth Harker who is portrayed as sane and competent.  Carter inevitably has a girl friend as a team member, Selena Connor.  Stephanie is the mandatory computer genius / hacker.  Ronnie is the mysterious American Indian and Lamont the obligatory black man.

Sounds trite, yes?   Perhaps, but I'm going to keep reading this series.

The Lance (The Project Book 2)

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