Monday, August 11, 2014

The Catch, by Taylor Stephens

I enjoyed the last book of Ms. Stephens, and expected this one to be good too.  It exceeded my expectations.

The hero is Vanessa Michael Munroe, a professional fixer, sometimes assassin, and all around tough lady.  She's working in Africa and finds it easier to pass as a man than deal with the misogyny.

In addition to being exceptional with a knife, Munroe has a savant's ability to pick up new languages very quickly.   Well, most novels in this genre invent special capabilities for their heroes, and these are more believable than many others I've read.

It is pretty clear that this is a volume in a series about Munroe, and because it was a while since I read Ms. Stephens' prior novel, I felt a bit disconnected.  But this was a fleeting problem.   The big attraction of this book is the quick moving plot and the interesting writing.   This is not a novel to start late in the evening because you might not get to sleep on time.

The Catch: A Novel

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