Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Ajax Protocol, by Alex Lukeman

I've jumped into Mr. Lukeman's series with book seven, but haven't felt any ill effects.   The hero  is Nick Carter; he and his team of operators are part of the "Project," an uber-secret spy force that reports directly to the President.

This is pretty good for what it is.   In this genre, the nature of things is that whatever you need is conveniently supplied by the author.   Need an island?  One of the operators owns one.  Need a flight to a restricted military location?  Someone has a buddy willing to break the law.    Personally, I find it grating, but as mentioned, it is the norm.

Anyway, in this volume, a group of fascists within the US government seek to kill the sitting president and take over the country along with committing a range of violent domestic and international terrorist acts.   Carter, his girl friend Selena (also on the team), and his boss Harker, all try to save the day.

Bet you can guess the outcome.

The Ajax Protocol (The Project Book 7)

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